New PC Security System

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Is your PC running slow or unprotected?  Thousands of PC users are swarming to get ScanGuard. This new system is protecting people’s computers from hackers, unwanted software, instantly speeding up performance, and saving people in repair costs.  An team of Certified Developers have built a security tool that they believe will be the last piece of protection people will ever need.  The software uses a unique technique to increase the security of your computer while speeding up your system.  The system is not a replacement for your Antivirus, but additional security that is more advanced than any Antivirus.  Christian Garcia, the Creative Director from ScanGuard, explains: “Our main objective for creating the application was simple. Over the past few months malware has been on the rise, and most Antivirus products have been struggling to keep up. We wanted to build a software that gave consumers an additional layer of protection, at the same time help speed up their devices. With the right care Windows computers can last for years.”

You can get ScanGuard at

Although this software sounds great for your PC.  There is a debate that is ScanGuard a scam.  It is very new so no one has a lot of information about it.  While no cyber security company has confirmed that ScanGuard is a malware, the tool’s unstable behavior doesn’t recommend it for use.  Most user reviews are negative, but ScanGuard has not issued any comments on the situation.  ScanGuard is free to install, but it comes with a yearly subscription of $49.00.

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New PC Security System