Shaurir Ramanujan wins State Spelling Bee

Vaani Bansal and Katherine Kirby, Reporters

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Shaurir Ramanujan- an 8th grader at Harmony Middle School- won the State Spelling Bee in early March. His word: vaquero, or a mexican cowboy, won him a spot at nationals held in Washington D.C. on May 31 and June 1. To prepare, he spent time looking at roots and the spelling list on the weekends. His mom tested him, while his dad helped him with definitions. Shaurir says there were no words that he felt completely unsure about, but there were one or two he had doubts on. When not studying, he likes playing tennis, playing online, and listening to music. His family came to watch him at the spelling bee, and when he won, they celebrated by going out to eat. By learning new words at this age, Shaurir feels he will benefit in future job interviews and in college. He is not changing his work ethic while preparing for the upcoming spelling bee. Let’s wish Shaurir luck in the upcoming bee!

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Shaurir Ramanujan wins State Spelling Bee