A Bomb Cyclone Has Just Hit – But What Exactly is Happening?

Angie Reyes

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The name lives up to the storm, and it’s as terrifying as it seems. A bomb cyclone has just pummeled the east coast and is still leaving it’s marks, leaving everything it passes frozen, barren, and stopped in time. So, what is it? It’s when a storm’s pressure drops so quickly that there is “explosive strengthening.” Think of it like a winter hurricane. 

The destruction it leaves in it’s path is astounding, and it truly does seem like a “bomb”. Now let’s take a look at it’s effects. More than 40,000 outages were seen in Virginia, and Boston saw dangerous coastal flooding. Many have already died due to the extreme weather conditions, and animals that are used to hot temperatures are trying to readjust to the bitter cold. The American Red Cross Association warned people to keep any flammable objects away from heaters, and that heat sources should never be left unsupervised. Grocery store shelves are completely empty, and families are struggling to make sure they ration food. A look at the outside of any victim city will show an apocalyptic-esque setting in need of some zombies to complete it. To help, you can simply search GoFundMe for “bomb cyclone” and countless donation opportunities will appear. You can also donate to food banks and homeless shelters or raise awareness about the storm. The smallest thing could make a huge impact on someone else’s life. So go out and be that huge impact, there’s nothing to lose.







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A Bomb Cyclone Has Just Hit – But What Exactly is Happening?