Student tips for making life easier at school, and home: by Eli West

Eli West

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Happy Halloween! So, as a welcome back after a five day weekend { if you are reading this on the Halloween of 2017}, it’s been one  fabulous quarter and counting, well the end of October that is. Some times school is just hard for you, life too. Here are some tips on how to make school and life less complex, and challenging!

  1. Take your time, and organize: sometimes a mess is not the best, and we all know that, plan a certain time to clean out your locker, like guided study, and remove trash, and things unnecessary, and make your locker shine to perfection!
  2. Grab things you need, nothing else: do you fell like you carry to much at once? get rid of that felling and fell pride and less heavier, like almost weight less! Other than that, this is the best tip in your life for middle and high school, get everything for multiple hours! here’s what I do, grab everything for the hours, then that passing period you have your first exploratory class, get everything for the rest of the day! Don’t worry how that stuff goes into your gym locker, you can always figure out a way.
  3. Get help: When your teacher says that you should get help, get that very single help! Come in before school to see him or her, or after school, or get your parents to help you, anything goes!

So there you have, three of my awesome tips and tricks to help you in life, but you can always ask others for tips, don’t be afraid to ask, it can be anyone that you know, anyone! – by Eli West

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Student tips for making life easier at school, and home: by Eli West