LAST POST OF 2016-2017

Max X^u, Researcher/Reporter

May 2, 2017

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This is the last post of this year, until at least next school year. Anyway, all of the media club members thank you for all of the support from all of the viewers out there who read our stories. Also, we hope that all of you...

The Royals Kick Off The New Season

April 11, 2017

Filed under Our Community Baseball is starting up again, and there is no better team to watch than the Kansas City Royals! Fans will likely have high expectations for the team in 2017, especially with their two consecutive World...

Egypt Church Attack

April 11, 2017

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On Palm Sunday 2017, two tragic church bombings hit Tanta and Alexandria. The attacks killed 49 people at locations of the Coptic Egyptian Church, an already in-danger minority. Survivors of the attacks expressed their fear...

Shaurir Ramanujan wins State Spelling Bee

Vaani Bansal and Katherine Kirby, Reporters

April 11, 2017

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Shaurir Ramanujan- an 8th grader at Harmony Middle School- won the State Spelling Bee in early March. His word: vaquero, or a mexican cowboy, won him a spot at nationals held in Washington D.C. on May 31 and June 1. To prepare,...

Fire Destroys Local Apartment Complex

Thomas Rose

March 21, 2017

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On Monday, at 3:30 PM, a fire broke out in the construction site of an Overland Park apartment complex, called the Royale Apartments. Only the frame of the building had been built, leaving it vulnerable to fire. The fire completely...

Girl Scouts with Laura Soper!

Arisha Vishnani

March 19, 2017

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"Girl Scouts is awesome! Even if you aren't into STEM and that kind of thing you can still get together with other people who share your loves and passions," says 7th grader Laura Soper. Laura went to Crown Center on Saturday, M...

Red Bag

Max Xu, Reporter/Researcher

December 13, 2016

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When we think about the holidays, most of us will be in our homes with our families or on vacation. But some children won't have a family this Christmas and don't have the necessary supplies to live comfortably. Thankfully, HMS...

TAG Team!!!

Max Xu, Researcher/Journalist

October 31, 2016

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If you enjoy reading books and writing reviews for them, TAG team is perfect for you. TAG team is only open to 7th and 8th graders, sorry sixth graders. TAG team is where you read 24 to 26 books of your choosing. You don't have...

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