The Aruban Adventures

Eli West

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Ah, Spring Break, a time to go on adventures, vacation, or binge watching or playing games like Destiny 2, Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, and Battlefield One and many more games. But this Spring Break, would be never forgotten. A week directly before School was back in the game, me, and my family, were headed off to Aruba, but the Morning that we went to Aruba, my mom, learned that her passport expired, so she had to go to Chicago, to go get her passport renewed. But no worries, she would be in Aruba the next day, meanwhile, me, my dad, and my sister Ardyn would head off for Aruba. Well, first we had to stop in Miami to stop for another flight, we got to Miami at around 9 o’clock in the Morning. When we got to Miami international Airport, we took the sky train to our gate. Then, we boarded our plane directly to Aruba, but first, let me tell you about Aruba.

Aruba was founded by the Spanish in the early 1500’s during their wide colonization an exploration of the Americas, Aruba is located in the Southern Caribbean, right near Venezuela. but later in the 1500’s, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, two of the nearby islands, became three of the Netherlands earliest colonies, you see, Spain had other lands other than their lands, you see, two events triggered this, the Iberian Wedding, which Aragon, a neighbor of Spain, became a subject of Spain, so did Aragon’s subjects, Naples, and Navarra. The other event was the Burgundian succession, when the duke of burgundy died. that is where the Netherlands came in, the Netherlands used to be apart of Burgundy, then Spain, then after decades of rule over the Netherlands by Spain, the Dutch declared independence.

Now, when me, my sister, and dad arrived in Aruba, we went through some minor customs before heading for our baggage. After we did that, we headed for our baggage, and set out for our rental car, after we left the airport behind us, an employee from the car rental place where we were going for our rental car, after we loaded the car, we set off for our rental villa. Aruba was beautiful, palm trees everywhere you look, the Caribbean sea all around you, wonderful buildings everywhere, it was breathtaking! Once we arrived at the villa, my dad did some paperwork after we toured the villa. The villa had 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a beautiful backyard garden, a pool, and a pool house. After relaxing for a little while, we decided to go out for dinner, and for groceries. We had Mexican for dinner that night, it was Delicious, didn’t know steak burritos were amazing if you eat them in Aruba! After that we watched an ocean Sunset, and  went to Super Food, to get our groceries, then went home, and chilled for the rest of the night.

The next day, I woke up and swam in the pool for a bit, then got ready for the day, had some breakfast, relaxed for a bit, then me, Ardyn, and my dad went to pick up my mom. We were show excited to show my mom around Aruba, even though we haven’t explored all of it, but half of it. after we picked up my mom, we went out for lunch, and this time we had some Italian, then went home, showed my mom around the villa, then relaxed for most of that later afternoon. That Evening, We went to the beach for the first time that vacation! Me and Ardyn swam and my mom and dad came in occasionally.

The next few days were amazing, on Thursday, we went to Eagle Beach which I’ve also mentioned on another article. Then on Friday, that day was the pirate snorkeling day, where we went on a pirate ship, to a few snorkeling spots around Aruba’s coast, and that was  my best day in Aruba! On Saturday, we went back to Ariashi Beach, it was also my Mom’s Birthday, and St. Patrick’s Day. On Sunday, we took a drive around the island, then went to Baby Beach, which was an amazing snorkeling spot, and we even saw a sea turtle!

On that Sunday as well, was the Aruban National Flag, and Anthem Day, which we saw many celebrations for it around the island. On the last Monday, we went to the historical fort on the island, Fort Zoutman, it was the 2nd most anticipated thing that I hoped to go to {the first was the pirate ship snorkeling, and the 3rd was going to this German Restaurant}, and then we went back to eagle Beach for one last time. The next day, we went back home back to Kansas City, well not before getting stuck behind our gate, we returned our rental car, arrived at the airport, went though customs, then had lunch, and then, we were off! When we landed back in Miami, we had dinner, then waited for our plane. But when we got on the plane, we had a departure delay, so we waited an hour, then we were off for home. At last, we arrived home at 2 in the Morning, and that was the end, of my Aruban vacation.

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The Aruban Adventures