5 ways to be kind this Valentines Day

Eli West

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We all know Valentine’s Day is a good day to be kind, share feelings, and eat heart-baked pizzas, well thanks to Papa Murphy’s. But the most important thing, is being kind and peaceful. So this article will focus on 5 ways you  can be kind this Valentine’s Day, or every day!

  1. Stop Bullying: Of course bullying happens every day, and we should stop it, and when you see bullying, report, or stop it yourself, and the befriend the victim.
  2. Be inclusive: If you see someone who’s alone or sulking, you should ask them how they’re doing, and offer to include them, but if they say no, that means no!
  3. Be Respectful: Imagine this, you’re talking to your friend while working on an assignment, while others are not. This is an good example of being disrespectful. instead, you should be quiet while others are working around you and there will be other situations where you should be respectful.
  4. Share the word!: You should always complement, hive five or fist bump something, or tell them they’re awesome!  And you should always do that, it’ll make someone’s day.
  5. Tell a joke!: It’s always feels good to crack someone up, and crack yourself up in the process as well. In fact, in 5th grade, I used to be a jokester. In fact, I told a joke every day!

So those were 5 ways that you can be kind every day! And now with those ways, make someone’s day!

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5 ways to be kind this Valentines Day