February Overview!

Eli West

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The first month of the year might be coming to a close, but February, the shortest month of the year, looks very packed, with events. The Harvesters Drive is coming this February, and if you would like to help STUCO with the drive, come to the STUCO meeting on January 31st, or February 7th. STUCO is always up for new members of the team, and also the Harvesters Assembly and go for the Green  will also be held this month! Conferences is also happening at the beginning of the month, so is the beginning for enrollment next year! Mrs. Glotzbach and Mr. Blumeyer will talk about enrollment at your next counselor lesson. There will also be more basketball games, and other sports this month that are going on as well, so you can support them by going to our home games! The Science Olympiad is also going to Warrens Invitational on the 3rd, so good luck to all who are in the Science Olympiad. The Jazz Band concert will also be on the 27th of February, and the Math League competition will be held on the same day. The Spring Strings Concert will also be this month on the 13th. PTO is not going be left out of the action, for the Urban Air and another Restaurant night will be held this month, so support the PTO on both of these nights. So that’s all of the major events for February, and if I missed any thing, you can always check the school calendar.

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February Overview!