Top Travel Destinations for Spring Break 2017-2018

Eli West

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It’s January, but why not think about Spring Break, my family knows what we’re doing, we are going to Aruba! But I considered why not help you {the reader of this article}, pick a travel destination for Spring Break!

  1. South Seas Island Resort: You may or may not have heard this place, located in Florida’s Gulf Coast, this resort has unspoiled beaches, has peace from all the other hectic beaches, but don’t confuse peace with boring, South Sea has a lot to do there.
  2. Mauritius: This African Island has one of the most highest return rates for tourists, has a jaw-dropping beauty scale, filled with biodiversity and landscapes, it’s got to be a place you would return to, just make sure when you go back you have bonus miles, it must be an expensive destination to go to.
  3. St. Martin: Located in the Caribbean, this island is one of the finest ones it offers, warm weather, luxurious hotels, and relaxation. With 37 beaches on the island itself, you also have a plenty of water sports to do there, which are popular.
  4. Aruba!: Yes, you know I’m going there, but good to end on, there is much to do on Aruba, it balances the adult world, and kid world, making it a place for all ages, all complete with many resorts and hotels.

So now you have some options to choose with, it’s all up to you now!   

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Top Travel Destinations for Spring Break 2017-2018