New Year’s Bonza!

Eli West

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Sometimes, I find January to be a hard month for everyone, school, losing weight, and being busier. But there are exciting things this January, the Bees, a fresh new start, and of course, more stories from us! So lets take a look how countries across the world celebrate the New Year.


In Rio De Janeiro, 2 millions people celebrate on it’s beaches they bath their souls, and bring flowers as offerings Lemanja, [ I think it’s some African God, and of course Brazil has African influence] there are many parties, traditions, and a long fireworks show.


Well, it’s sort of Christmas as well for Greece, because as a tradition, Saint basil, the Greek Santa Claus, delivers the presents on New Years Eve! Crazy, but true, Teenagers declare bloodless war with each other, it’s like nerf, but with whistles , spray foam, and plastic hammers and clubs. While the adults, just go for a pleasant stroll, or last minute shopping, and then met back up, for the New Year to ring.

Last But Not least, India!:

This will also be the beginning of the harvest season in Punjabi, the Indians there do the recitation of Granthsahib in Gurudwawas the place of worship for Sikhs, New Years is also the commemoration of the establishment of Khalsa Panth, by the Sikh Guru, Gobind Singh.

So those are three ways the New Year is celebrated across the World, And Happy New year!




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New Year’s Bonza!