Marshmallow Wars!: a Thanksgiving Tradition, by Eli West

Eli West

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Hello everyone, I’m Eli West, and today I’m going show you all one of my families Thanksgiving traditions! This tradition is called Marshmallow Wars! So okay, let me tell you all what Marshmallow Wars is all about. This a game, it’s like paintball but you don’t use paintballs, you use marshmallows instead, it can be a team game, or free for all! But the rules are simple, and there is only one, once your hit you are out o the game. Otherwise, have fun with it, but I want to tell you the latest games of these Marshmallow Wars.

Last Friday, me, my sister Ardyn and some of her friends, which were some of my Aunt Sandy’s neighbors, went to the backyard. We got our teams ready, me and Bella on one team, then my sister and Sidney on another team, Bella and Sidney were Ardyn’s friends, they were also sisters. Then the game began, ” Were should we go? ” Bella said with her thinking cap, ” Let’s find somewhere so we could ambush them ” I said with a grin. We did that very plan, and then they came just a few moments later after we hid, they charged at us. “Retreat! Retreat!” I said to Bella when they prepared to fire, they were ill prepared. We ran away from them in our own directions, Then I saw my Uncle Trevor, ” Hey Eli, I’m going to prank the girls, lead them into my trap!” ” Sure thing.” I said with pride, a couple of minutes of more running, I return to the trees, where Bella was out. “Hello Eli!” Ardyn said, she fired before I could fire my marshmallow gun, ” Well that’s end of round!” I said. Then the time came to lure them into Trevor’s trap, “RAHHHH” Trevor yelled at the girls, Ardyn, Bella, and Sidney were all spooked, we then just all shot him with our marshmallow guns. An that my friends, is the end of that Thanksgiving story. But just as a reminder, you can always join us on Tuesdays, so stay tuned for more stories, and more awesome tips and book reviews in the feature!


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Marshmallow Wars!: a Thanksgiving Tradition, by Eli West