Bully awareness: by Eli west

Eli West

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Though it’s not October anymore, bully awareness is still important. Last year, while I was at Harmony Elementary, it was in the afternoon, and we were having a discussion, abut something, I don’t remember what it was about, but it was during recess that it happened, I think someone was bullied I guess. But I don’t know if it was, so like towards the end, I basically said a speech in front of the class, awesome, right? Yes, that led me to modern communications, But lets go back in time everybody, a tiny bit more, to 2nd grade, when I was at Indian valley Elementary. So I was the victim then, but that was then, now I know what to do. So I was running across the playground from these two guys, who were also in second grade. So right there at the end everyone, I was backed up against a fence, one guy held a rock, one guy held a basketball, they were not throwing position yet, but I was terrified. But out of nowhere, one of the teachers came out, I don’t know what happened next, but I know she got them away from me. So there you have it, two stories, I want to end with a quote and a poem for you all, here’s the quote, “do the scary thing first” A series of Unfortunate, book 2, The Reptile Room.

Peace of Peace, by Eli West

War, such a common thing

How it can destroy and shatter

so common, that conflicts get out of hand so quickly

and for thousands or so millions of years from the past

but one day, one day

the sun shall appear so thick though the thickest of clouds!

before one war, a great one, destroys all

hear the screams! hear the screams!

from the bullets of the guns to the shockwaves of a nuclear blast!

but before so, oh before so!

we can stop our own demise

peace by peace by peace by peace by peace by peace!

all the pieces come together

by an event, from colonization of another’s planet, or treaty

It might be the greatest of all wars, for the greatest unity

peace, by peace


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Bully awareness: by Eli west