6 tips to help you stay heathy, by Eli West

Eli West

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November is national nutrition month, so I decided to think about nutrition tips that can help you not to here your body scream. Which everyone, is also called being sick, so shall all begin?

6: Cut off the carbs!; So yes, it also means diet, it’s simple, you just eat more vegetables and fruit, more foods with protein and vitamins. You should also have way less junk food, but you can still have it, just the tiniest bits.

5: Every civilization and human needs it: Water, yes this is you should be drinking every day to keep you hydrated. So don’t stay thirsty, and always drink water, by the way, water is also in soda, but don’t count it!

4: Be more active: Lets say you mom said for you to go outside and play, this is always for a reason! exorcising by playing outside or playing sports, is always a good way to get your heart rate up.

3: Just keep swimming!: Have all of you watched Finding Nemo, your in a lot of fun then! Swimming is a good way to lose weight and fat, so what are you waiting for?

2: Videos for your body’s sake: Oh yes this is on here, those videos! Exorcising videos are a good way to do it fast, it’s mostly the basics, but you know it pairs with?

1: Cardio!: One word for all of you, cardio! my personal favorite, do it anytime, and any gym near you, just the way to warm up for the perfect workout.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, and get your muscles pumping!



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6 tips to help you stay heathy, by Eli West