Sunflower Award Ceremony

Max Xu, Researcher/Reporter

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On April 8, the annual Sunflower Award Ceremony was held during the beginning of the day for Harmony Students. For those who don’t know what this ceremony is, it is a time where we can honor those students and teachers who have made someone else’s life better. This year the sunflower recipients for the staff were:Mrs.Woody who was nominated by Mrs.Hassic. The other staff member that received the award was Mrs.Springer, nominated by Mrs.Colins. The student sunflower awards were give to Anusha Gampala and Regan Poppen. Anusha Gampala was nominated by me and Regan Poppen was nominated by Lauren Kholsat. Usually at the Sunflower assembly we have an speaker. This time we had the pleasure of having Laymon Hicks as our speaker. Laymon Hicks has been one of the few speakers that I have heard that truly understood what a middle school student understands and doesn’t. He used memes, colorful language and his positive out look on life and showed the whole school how each and everyone of them how to think positively. He used slang that the students understood and found funny. He quickly grabbed all of the students attention when he came on stage. Though he wasn’t paying attention when the principal was talking, he still one of the best speakers. Overall, the Sunflower Award Ceremony was a success and will continue to be an annual ceremony at Harmony Middle School!

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Sunflower Award Ceremony