7th Grade Choir Festival!

Arisha Vishnani

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On Thursday, April 13, the 7th grade choir will be going to Blue Valley North to perform with many other 7th grade students. Why? To take part in a fun-filled event involving different kinds of music and musical composers. The festival will take place from 12 pm-2 pm and parents are welcome to join and watch a wide range of students perform. Mr. Davis, our HMS choir teacher, says that he is extremely excited for this year’s group of 7th grade students to perform at the festival and has very high expectations for them. He has worked hard with the students for several months to perfect each and every part of their music, as well as challenged the students to new forms of music. Join us in watching the HMS choir perform at 1:30, with two different songs that they have rehearsed well. We are so lucky to say that the 7th grade choir is just amazing, so see you soon!

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7th Grade Choir Festival!