Amulet Book 1

Xaden Rosales

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Amulet is a book series witch I’m not sure is in the HMS library but I know it’s in the HES library. The Amulet series is about this girl (her name is Emily) that lives with her brother (named David) and mom (in the first book you see that the dad dies in a car crash.) Later, she moves into her grandpa’s house and finds an alter looking thing so being the smart person she is she goes and touches it, and it stabbed her. THE END. I’m kidding! It took her blood sample then flipped over to show an amulet (by the way they found this room when they were cleaning) her brother told her not to take it but she did anyway and probably the first creepy thing in the book her eyes turn purple but no, she’s not possessed she turns back to normal once her mom calls her to bed. Fast forward a bit and weird alien things take her mom so she sets off on an adventure to try and save her mom (she eventually does). Ok and in the 7th book she turns gives into the other side because they show that her side meant to kill her dad and turns into a phoenix to kill her entire side (sorry I just had to mention it.) So you should go and find these books to read the entire adventure of Emily and David with the seven books of amulet.

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Amulet Book 1