Virtual War

Xaden Rosales

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Related imageThis book is about a fourteen year old kid who gets put into a war but the twist is that it is virtual war so no blood and no pain. The war is controlled by a computer so he quickly makes a character that is built off of strength, reflexes, high skills, obedience, and unquestioning. In the beginning, Corgan breaks the rules to meet his fellow warriors who’s names are Sharla and Bring. They tell him about himself and the Federation forcing him to shake everything he’s believed in. Once in the war he swears he would fight with courage, dedication, and honor, but then it looks like there is nothing left that he can trust so he has to make decisions for himself because the decisions he makes will affect everyone around him. If you like science fiction books like these head to your school library and pick up this book you’ll never put down.

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Virtual War