Hikaru No Go

Xaden Rosales

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Hikaru No Go is a manga series you can find at the HMS library in the graphic novel section. Hikaru No Go is about a kid who gets possessed by a spirit who loves to play go this spirit’s name is Sai he used to live hundreds of years before Hikaru, and Hikaru does not know go his grandpa played go and apparently Hikaru is a descendent of Sai and only Sai’s descendants can see and hear her. Hikaru helps Sai because Sai thrives to play the “divine move” and in this time period no one has ever played the “divine move” and Sai helps Hikaru with his schoolwork and homework so he can focus on playing go. Hikaru finds out about the internet and with it he can play go as long as he wants whenever he wants since Sai is the one telling Hikaru what to do he put his screen name as Sai. Anyone who enjoys reading manga series should head over to the HMS library and start reading the manga.

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Hikaru No Go